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The Masters Sale on Floating Golf Balls

All of our Floating golf balls have been discounted this time of the Masters happening in Augusta Georgia.  Click here to learn more of the new sale that is going on now.

Golf ball display

Find New and Used Floating Golf balls on sale today.

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Floating Golf Balls FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked these questions frequently.  So… we have decided to make this list of questions that may help you in your decision capabilities.  Thanks again for shopping at Floating Golf

  1. Do our Balls hit and fly like a normal Golf Ball?  A) Yes.  They are 5% within normal weight and density of a regulatin golf ball.
  2. Can You Tell the difference in Ball flight of these golf balls? A)  We have been told that you cannot.  In 20 years of using these types of balls, that has been thGolf ball displaye regular feedback.
  3. How used are your used golf balls? A)  We rotate our floating golf balls regularly.  Depending the season, our used golf balls are in pretty good shape.
  4. Do We Ship to Canada? A) Yes, we do, but due to high costs during customs, our prices are fairly expensive.
  5. Do We ship using Fedex or UPS?  A)  At this time we are not set up do to that.  Currently we only ship using US Postal shipping.

July 4th Sale – Floating Golf Balls

Golf ball display

Check out our sales prices for Floating Golf balls.  See of of our golf balls by clicking here…..

We also have used floating golf balls.  Our used golf balls have been used and tested in our Pond in Reno, Utah.  Our driving range uses these balls day in and day out and they are tested.  We simply pull them out of the system and send them to you in a United States Postal system.  Click to learn more here….


Floating Golf Balls For Fathers Day

Fathers Day Gift – 113 Floating Golf balls

used floating golf ballsHere at Floating Golf, we are excited to offer our floating golf balls to people in the United States and Canada.

The first discount we would like to share is our used floating golf balls. We offer the very best floaters for the very best price.  One of our sale items is our 113 used floating golf balls for just $49.00.

For more information regarding our best Golf balls click here for the discount  page.

callaway golf clubs 1The second deal is the Callaway golf set package that we have on sale.

Golf Club Specifications:

  • Driver 460cc forged driver has a great sweet spot that provides forgiveness so you can rip it right off the tee.
  • Fairway Wood –  a total of 3 of these.  They likewise are forgiving and has a very aero dynamic head for long high flying drives.
  • (4H & 5H) A great choice for difficult long irons, allowing more confidence on a variety of drives and shots
  • Irons (6-PW) These stainless steel irons offer a great combo of control and forgiveness.
  • Our Putter Progressive mallet shapes offers helps as you choose your line for accuracy on the putting green.

Callaway Amazon Discount link

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Why We Sale Used Floating Golf Balls

Often, we have people ask us how or why do well sale used floating golf balls?  Simple answer – Owning and operating a driving range in Reno Nevada, we go through a lot of balls that are hit into a large pond area.  When these balls are hit over a period of time, we have a supply to sell to you.

Our Used Floating Golf Balls

used floating golf ballsOn the right is the used golf balls that we ship.  We count out 113 used balls and ship them into a standard shipping box via Us Postal.  Our Used golf balls go for around $49.00 and then add $11.35 for shipping.

For International Orders, simply click here..


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Summer Clearance on our Floating Golfballs

Check out our outrageous prices on our Floating Golf balls

We have some of the best pricing on our floating golfballs.  Buy 113 used floating golf balls for almost $.43 cents per ball.  Or if you want new balls, then check out our new floating golfball pricing.

New golf balls go for less than a $1.00 a ball.  Yea, you heard that right, get brand new floating golf balls for less than $1.00 each.

Our floating golf balls are sold all over the USA.  In fact, you can buy our balls by clicking here

If you are looking for golf balls on other parts of the world, click here to contact us…


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