Buy 113 Used Floating Golf Balls

Sierra Bay is an aquatic driving range located at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV. Situated on a lake, guests hit buckets of balls onto floating island greens. We use a “floater” ball, weighing 5% less that a regulation ball. Most people cannot tell the difference in the ball flight.

When the balls start to loose their original stripe, they are boxed 113 in a USPS flat rate box, and sold to the public. This ball is excellent for someone who lives near a lake and wants to collect and hit them over again.  The balls have a slightly worn dimple pattern, and there are no cut or cracked balls.  Most customers are surprised at the good condition of these balls.  They are a lot of fun to hit from shore, a dock, or a house boat. The challenge is to see how many times you can get a ball to skip!

This ball is the best floater on the market.  I have been in the aquarange business for 20 years and have found the best ball for my own driving range.  I also sell new balls if that is what you are looking for.  Because I buy in mega volume (200,000 balls at a time), I can offer the best price for the best floater ball made! These balls will last you for many years.

Buyer pays shipping costs of $10.95 (actual cost)  for USPS Priority mail–flat rate box (2-3 days anywhere in U.S).  Canadian shipments are $27.00.  Other international shipments are $44.50.



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