Buy New Floating Golf Balls in Miami Florida

Buy New Floating Golf Balls in Miami Florida

Buy New Floating Golf Balls in Miami Florida

Learn where we buy the best floating golf balls in the nation.  These balls weigh less than 5% less than the normal PGA ball.  To learn more click here.

If you enjoy playing golf on ranges with lakes and ponds, or you are a sea cruise golfer, then you may want to consider using floating golf balls. These golf balls are usually about 5 percent lighter than the standard regulation golf ball due to it’s low density solid center. Because of its two-piece construction and low density center, the golf ball is able to float when it goes in water. This lets the player who uses floating balls retrieve his golf ball when it lands in water and enjoy its use longer since it has water resistant features.

These golf balls also come in a variety of colors which will allow the golfer to spot their ball straight away if it drops in a water hazard. Some floating ball manufacturers also allow golfers to customize their balls by allowing special logos that the golfer chooses to be printed on the ball.

Used ideally in aqua ranges, floating balls in this kind of environment allow you to practice your swings and increase the accuracy of your game. Some of the most popular floating balls are made by Callaway and Srixon. So, try hitting a few floating golf balls at an aqua range to warm up before a few rounds of golf. You will find that hitting floating balls into the water and aiming for a hole in a floating island will help you improve the precision of your shots and allow you to warm your golf swings up before your actual round of golf.

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