Floating Golf Balls FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked these questions frequently.  So… we have decided to make this list of questions that may help you in your decision capabilities.  Thanks again for shopping at Floating Golf

  1. Do our Balls hit and fly like a normal Golf Ball?  A) Yes.  They are 5% within normal weight and density of a regulatin golf ball.
  2. Can You Tell the difference in Ball flight of these golf balls? A)  We have been told that you cannot.  In 20 years of using these types of balls, that has been thGolf ball displaye regular feedback.
  3. How used are your used golf balls? A)  We rotate our floating golf balls regularly.  Depending the season, our used golf balls are in pretty good shape.
  4. Do We Ship to Canada? A) Yes, we do, but due to high costs during customs, our prices are fairly expensive.
  5. Do We ship using Fedex or UPS?  A)  At this time we are not set up do to that.  Currently we only ship using US Postal shipping.

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