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Floating Golf Balls Christmas Sale

Not lose out on the new Christmas Sale

Be sure to check out our latest sale of floating golf balls.  You can go directly to our sales page by clicking here…

All of our floating golfballs our on sale and good to go for the Christmas season.

Why buy our golf balls?  Let us tell you!!

This ball is the best floater on the market.  I have been in the aqua range business for 20 years and have found the best ball for my own driving range.  I also sell new balls if that is what you are looking for.  Because I buy in mega volume (200,000 balls at a time), I can offer the best price for the best floater ball made! These balls will last you for many years.

Or…  Buy our used floating golf balls.

When the balls start to loose their original stripe, they are boxed 113 in a USPS flat rate box, and sold to the public. This ball is excellent for someone who lives near a lake and wants to collect and hit them over again.  The balls have a slightly worn dimple pattern, and there are no cut or cracked balls.  Most customers are surprised at the good condition of these balls.  They are a lot of fun to hit from shore, a dock, or a house boat. The challenge is to see how many times you can get a ball to skip!

For more information about our golf balls be sure to contact us using our online contact page.  We will be sure to answer every message.



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